My Qaidah
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My Qaidah

by Abdus Sami,

My Qaidah

Published in 2015

A Comprehensive Qaidah, making Quran reading easy for  New beginners and  New Muslims.

62 pages | Matt finish cover/soft back/staple bound | Size: A5 | English /Arabic /Transliteration

My Qaidah is a comprehensive book of all the Qur’an reading rules (Tajweed), that are explained simply, with many examples and English comparisons.
Illustrations show where the Arabic root letters “live” in the mouth (Makhaarij), while charts and diagrams guide readers to understand why and how Qur’an words are pronounced correctly.
“Very unique in its fun and colourful approach, which I personally think is the best way to learn. Having coloured symbols and letters makes it easier to remember how to make the right sounds. Love it.” – `Alimah student
BONUS: My Qaidah comes with short Qur’an chapters (Surahs) for testing your Tajweed, Du`a Tashahhud and kids’ activity pages for those Ramadan rainy days.

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