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My Salah Book

by Abdul Baseer,

46 pages | Perfect bound | Size: A5 | English/Arabic/Transliteration
This fully illustrated guide to prayer has been designed with young readers in mind.
With step by step instructions, a wide variety of prayer components have been described in easy to understand, clear and modern English, making it a steal buy for new Muslims, anyone learning to pray and Fiqh students who need a brilliant revision guide. Namaz book
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“My Salah Book is the world’s first visual prayer book – a fantastic necessity for everyone seeking the key aspects of Salah.” – University student, Bradford
“A must have for children and grown-ups alike. Every Muslim household should have one.” – Madrassah teacher, Huddersfield
Based on Hanafi Fiqh, My Salah Book also covers:
– Funeral prayer (Salat ul-Janazah)
– Traveller prayer (Qasr Salah)
– Prayer of the sick
– Six Kalimaat, du`aas and more!

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