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How The Right Quality of Education Makes The Difference

Islamic Board of Education And Qualification (IBEQ) was designed to cater institutes with a structured course, resources and teacher training, based on the traditional Islamic degrees, or Darse Nazami `Aalim courses.

Taking an `Aalim course equips capable individuals with a depth of understanding and application of classical subjects within Islam’s legal fields. As part of this, there is an examination process leading to an accredited degree which would be recognised by IBEQ.

Where are we?

IBEQ’s range of books based on an Islamic curriculum are taught at Al-Markaz ul Islami in Bradford, England. To see the full range of subjects and corresponding textbooks click here.

Mufti Qazhi Hassan Raza

A Qazhi and Imaam, Mufti Hassan leads the Al-Markaz Ul-Islami community hub in Bradford and has backed IBEQ since its beginning. Currently, IBEQ booklets and translations are taught at Al-Markaz’s Madrassah and `Aalim classes.

IBEQ is supported and approved by Mufti Hassan Raza
IBEQ is supported and approved by Mufti Hassan Raza


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Teachers and institutes gain instant access to our exam resources for each semester (and age group). After completing a term, pass your test to move on. Read more about our examination methods here.


Take a part-time 4 year route or a full-time 3 year course to successfully completing the `Aalim course. Work hard. Struggle. Improve.


From child to adult, IBEQ caters to a decade’s worth of learning from ages 7 onwards. Once you gain the `Aalim honour pass it forward and teach!